Saturday, October 18, 2008

Process on my Bog Witch

Hi all, I'm posting some process for a piece I'm still tinkering on. This is a piece that I thought I "finished" a while ago, as a quicker illustration, yet I now find myself coming back to it. Like I said, I'm not done yet, but I thought it would be neat to show my process (so far), and to show what my work starts out looking like most of the time (ugly).

Here goes. As usual, you can click the pics for larger versions.


Francis Vallejo said...

lookin really great man, loving the face!

Rin said...

DUDE, SUP! How you been?? :D How is your new job?? Did you start yet? :D

Thanks for the congrats on Spectrum! CONGRATS TO YOU TOO! Basically this means we're pretty awesome. :) "Oga & the Ghost" was the one piece that got in. What did you get in??

I'm not up to much...working at a theme park master planning design firm in Orlando-land as a jr designer doing all of their posters and magazine ads. I also do some freelance for The Bradford Group(glass kittens and things haha). I enjoy it, but it leaves me little time and energy to do my own artwork, which is driving me mad!

MGS4....I haven't gotten to play it yet(no friends with Ps3..etc..). I KNOW. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. :( The Snake figure on my desk reminds me of my failure as a fan. :D

That Bog Witch is killer by the way. I love how your trees and fabrics look almost alive.

Art Attack said...

lookin' cool. moved yet?

Kaffeinated said...

you make it look soooo easy :P

Kali said...

Thanks McLean. :) I'm tryin'! I've also been meaning to let you know this bog witch piece is pretty sweet, and it's interesting to see the stages it went through! I gotta say though, I actually really love the way the 2nd stage looks.....I think I just like some of the chunkier shapes and the more contrasted colors. (then again, knowing the way I usually draw, it's easy to see why) :)