Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, Whoops!

Remember how I was complaining about all that "illustration-discrimination" stuff just a while ago? I guess I have to eat my own words on this one. Man, I feel like a tool.

Ringling enters all the pieces that make it into their End of the Year show, and so I didn't even realize this piece was in the running. It wasn't until I was checking Tina Sweep's blog (a good friend and good painter) when I saw that I had gotten in! Kooky! Tina's blog is here: What is funny, to me, is that I did in fact enter this very piece in the student competition the year before, and it did not make the cut. Funny how life is sometimes.

While I'm at it, I guess I should upload some new art. Here are some drawings from the Dr. Sketchy's here in Baltimore. I'm usually a bigger fan of straight nude figure drawing, but its been such a while since ive had the chance to draw from a model, I wasn't complaining. I had good fun, actually. I hope it shows.

Also, a little while ago my friend from Ringling, Robb Gibbs (now working at Firaxis up the road) and I took an excursion to DC to find cool things to draw. While the police would not let us park lawn chairs in front of the White House to draw, we DID get to draw some neat skeletons and stuff in the National Museum of Natural History.

More recently I got to participate in New York Comic-Con, and I had a great experience! I saw the James Jean show the day before it was to be taken down at the Jonathan Levine Gallery(and boy was it awesome), and that has gotten me all kinds of motivated to get back into traditional media. I stayed with a friend, Dennis Brown , and had the chance to pick his brain a bit about general art topics. I also had the chance to catch up with friends like Erik Jones , Miguel Lantigua and Chris Johnson . I met people like Nathan Fox , Irene Gallo , Jon Schindehette , and Jesper Ejsing , and walked away from every meeting very fired up and excited about what the future holds. Good trip, all around.

Lastly: A doodle.

Hopefully the next time I post, I'll be able to share some of the freelance I've been doing, not sure when I can let the cat out of the bag on that stuff! Soon I hope! Hope everyone is doing well!


Dustin dArnault said...

Congrats man! Sketches look good...why can't I enlarge them?

mclean said...

fixed it! Man, my blog gets so finicky with me!! Thanks for the heads-up!

Scott Altmann said...

Congrats dude! Lovely sketches :)

Sam Bosma said...

Saw your piece got in Society...congrats! I got all 14 of my entries rejected...but it's good to see a fellow fantasy artist get his due. I'm hoping to make it to Dr. Sketchy's before too long, maybe we'll run into each other.

dadu shin said...

hey mclean! congrats on the society, exciting stuff.

looking forward to seeing more.

Edward Kinsella III said...

congrats man!

Andrew R. Wright said...

I am a little late but Congrats man! A well deserving piece indeed!