Friday, April 10, 2009

Darkness Calls

Hey all, me again.

I just finished this up, so I decided to go ahead and toss it onto the ol' blog. I did this one to show that I can portray licensed characters, and to try to show that I have the chops to do comic-cover type work. I imagine it would be easier for a client to trust me with their character if they saw that I could, in fact, draw other peoples' creations. This image is taken from the recent Hellboy story "Darkness Calls", the first trade to be illustrated completely by a single artist other than Mignola, that artist being Duncan Fegredo. I'll admit it took a little while for me to warm up to Fegredo's take on Hellboy, but now I'm pretty sold on the guy. Also, Koshchei was just a cool badguy.

I really dig the comics where the artist has taken it upon themselves to mold and create their own story and world. Guy Davis is one of my favorites for this, his Marquis title is wildly good. In my eyes though, the guy who tops 'em all is Jeff Smith, creator of Bone. Whew. If you like comics of any kind, or consider youself a fan of fantasy-type stories, its a crime not to read this one. I would want to do some art depicting those characters, but I think Smith's stuff works best as line drawings, I don't think I could add anything significant to what he already has going on.

Thanks for reading, guys!


Chris! said...

Amazing blog!


Víctor Pérez Corbella said...

Awesome illustrations!

JAIR said...

Yo, really dig the new piece... nice palette and sense of mood. Hellboy FTW!

dadu shin said...

great piece man, you're really holdin it down here! sorry to hear about BHG..really sucks.

luis espinosa said...

freakin sick illo!!! I also love your header ..hahahahha.. awesome dude.. let me know if that works!!!

mclean said...

Chris- thanks man

Victor - Thanks!

Jair - I, too, feel that Hellboy is "FTW" as you internet folk say.

Dadu - Thanks man, yeah im sorry to hear it too, but life goes on and it aint all bad!

Luis - Hey homie, I don't know that the header has "helped" exactly, but times aren't so bad either. Choices aren't the worst thing in the world to have, and it seems like every few days another potential one pops up. We shall see.

Zachariah Bauer said...

this piece came out pretty schweet dude!

jennifer ngai hom said...

hey, this turned out really well--beautiful palette! hope those comic cover jobs come in. (apparently freelancing is kicking up b/c not a lot of pple can afford full-timers).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I love this. Hellboy for the win!