Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Betrayal at Monadhan

Well, the new issue of Dungeon Magazine went live, so I think its safe to go ahead and show you guys this illustration I did for it.

This is the same dragon that's pictured on the cover of Dungeon 170, except dying. Once you defeat the larger dragon, a smaller dragon in his chest cavity comes out to continue the fight.

I don't have much else to say, I'm minutes away from packing up my computer and heading out for Shreveport, Louisiana with my good friend Kyler, to visit my other good friend Adam. From there, we are heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will see what the west holds for us.

Incidentally this may involve an extensive search for a new apartment, so if there's anybody listening out there who would like to send some work my way, it would probably make my move to a new place a little easier on the financial end!

Thanks for reading!


Scott Altmann said...

DUDE! Just saw this on artorder and had to stop in to tell you what a kickass piece this is. Damn - you have really improved a ton in a short time.
Congrats on the cover and good luck with this trip!

We'll have to catch up soon-s.

Larissa said...

This piece really shows a TON of improvement on your part. It is damn good :) Papa bear, mama bear, baby bear!

david hammond said...

that came out awesome man. good to hear you'll be stretchin' those legs and venturing out to take hold of your destiny. you know i wish you the best my friend.

dadu shin said...

whoa man. you're a beast! looking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hard to come across the good dragons huh?