Sunday, March 18, 2012

Running Man redesign project

Recently at school we wrapped up our concept design project with Kemp Remillard. The project was to update the 80's action/sci-fi classic The Running Man for a new generation. It was a balance of keeping the spirit of the original movie while updating the futuristic aspects and squeezing in some pop-culture references.

The first task was to figure out the look of the protagonists, as all subsequent characters would have to visually relate to our heroes. 

After designing the heroes, we had a great line-up of baddies to design. It was important to make sure they were "cool", yet had the over-the-top look you'd expect of a game-show personality.

I had a few different ideas for Fireball, ranging from Serious Business to comical. Comical was a hit with the instructors, so my take on Fireball ended up looking like a certain popular rapper.

Buzzsaw was a great challenge because his motorcycle was such a big part of his persona. I had a blast designing his ride, and Kemp's techspertise was invaluable during the process.

And lastly Dynamo, I had fun with this one. It was so hard to take this guy seriously, as he was probably the most ridiculous of the bad guys in the movie. I hope I preserved that aspect.

As always, thanks for looking! I did all this at the Safehouse Atelier.


Kyler Dannels said...

Dynamo wins for me.

Awesome work bud.

andré said...

Awesome work, man! Really cool. I hope to join the Safehouse one day.


Nigel Mitchell said...

These are awesome! I'll be featuring this project on our blog today. Keep up the good work