Monday, July 13, 2009

15 Minute Speed-Paints 2

More practice from this evening. I wonder how long I can keep using stills from this movie (King Kong) before I burn out and hafta switch. Well, I have the extended edition, so it might take a while to find out. Man, I love me some Peter Jackson extended edition dvd's. Naomi Watts is also very nice to look at, but you wouldn't be able to tell from these...yet!

I'd been using this blog like a 2nd portfolio site with a lot of words, but I think this is the start of me actually using a blog how its meant to be used. Here's hoping I don't fall off into obscurity after 2 weeks.


Gabriele Pasqualino said...

man those are great (:

DCriler said...

Mclean your a beast! How ya been man? Hope everything's well.

McLean Kendree said...

Gabriele - Thanks man, nice blog yerself!

Derek (did i spell that right?) hey buddy! Things are going pretty decent, as we will see in the next post! Just trying to fight off the bills and loan payments one month at a time, you know how that is! Tryin to keep up some practicing when i've got time. How about you bud?