Monday, July 13, 2009

15-minute Speed Paints

I took a couple hours out tonight to do some speed-painting, because I want to get more comfortable with the Wacom tablet. Yeah, I know, I've been using it for 5 years now. But most of my process usually involves me drawing out whatever it is I'm going to paint, and then scanning that in. I also want to practice composition more, and I gotta say, doing these speed paints is like killing two birds with one stone! I'm definitely having fun with these. I've been talking with some helpful individuals about getting off my butt and really using my spare time to do studies and practice for myself, instead of only working when I'm being paid for it. I can't remember the last time I did any artwork that was just for me, just for the sake of practice. Its always this job or doing it for that annual, or so that I can have a specific something for my portfolio.

Well, enough talk. This is my venture for the evening, I spent 15 minutes on each of these.

I know. It'll get better. If you're an AD and this is your first time visiting, for the love of god scroll down! I swear I'm at least halfway decent!

I'll mail a postcard to the first person who guesses what movie this was from! I'll need your mailing addy to get the postcard to you, though! ;)

Also, I am available for more freelance work. You know. FYI. Just saying.


andreas schuster said...

king kong?

McLean Kendree said...

yar! you = winner. postcard = yours if you hook me up with your mailing addy!

Zelda Devon said...

Hey McLean! Wow! These are so good. Amazing how your brain craves a little bit of value and a few shapes.

McLean Kendree said...

Hey Zelda! Yeah, I'm actually really surprised at how "content" my brain can be with some of those vague suggestions of shapes in the Background or wherever. I'll definitely be sticking with this exercise for a while.

Aaron Miller said...

did you watch the whole movie to find the spots or did you just randomly pick stills to draw from?

andreas schuster said...

but i´m living in europe, sending a card would be too expensive i guess.

send me an ecard instead!

thanks and post more!

McLean Kendree said...

Hey Aaron, nah I just started the movie and paused it as i go, all these scenes are in the first five minutes of King Kong.

Andreas, I will send you your e-card. But I think international postage on postcards is the same as domestic over here, I'm pretty sure I've successfully send postcards to europe.... I HOPE they got there anyway.