Friday, December 11, 2009

New Mexico

Today instead of artwork, I was thinking I would share some photos from my adventures around New Mexico in the last two months. As I think the pictures will show, the weather has changed pretty drastically in a short amount of time. Also: I'm no photographer, but I think I did alright for an amatuer.

I'm already out of shape, but when Santa Fe is at a 7000 foot elevation it doesn't make walking up these beautiful mountains any easier. Not as much oxygen in the air.

Kyler and Sean survey the rock we conquered. In the distance: Kyler's Honda Element.

O hai thar. Its me in the desert. In flip-flops. If I stepped on a rattlesnake I'd be in trouble.

Below are pictures of Kyler and Larissa, whom you might recognize from my last illustration posted to the blog.

Notice the size of the trees on the cliffs. These formations were enormous.

Next time: new art. I promise. Thanks for looking!


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Andrew Olson said...

wow, looks beautiful! i gotta visit sometime

Adam Tamte Volker said...

what a cool place you have ended up man. These are nice photos.

bobbykro said...

my homeland, been some time since I've been back. Thanks for the post