Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raccoon Skull

Hello! Boy, its been a while since I posted. Its going to be a little longer yet before I post some of the good stuff. I've begun some contract work for a gaming company in addition to continuing my freelance illustration, so I've been really slammed. The illustration assignments usually take several months to get published, and then the concept art can take years before its released, so sometimes I'm without much to share. Despite being productive as all-get-out.

So I sat down tonight and decided to draw something for the sake of practice. Just for me.

Hey, nothing elaborate, just a lil' ol' raccoon skull. It felt really good to sit and draw something from life... I don't think I've done that in over a year. Its moments like this when I really miss college. Ringling had open figure drawing every weeknight, through the figure-drawing club (with which I served as president for a year :D ). Jeez, I'd love to have that option nowadays.

Some of what got me motivated to do this was watching fellow illustrator Dave Rapoza's Crimson Daggers group. Highly inspirational! I encourage you to go check out how hard they're working. Its contagious!!!

Thanks for reading, I hope to update again soon. If nothing else, I'll work up a whole batch of skull drawings to justify a post. Heh.


Ray Bonilla said...

thats awesome...

Charles Valsechi III said...

Great McLean, glad yo hear you are getting work and staying busy :]